About TransMedia

In 1993, far before the days of websites and online barter, Olde Vermont Trading was founded by Don Albano in the ski mountains of New England – along with his longtime barter broker from another company. Later that year, Don’s son, Marc joined the team and they operated and grew this exchange to about 400 members over the course of thirteen years. Although that company was sold, the barter bug remained for both Marc and his father. After publishing several magazines in New England and Salt Lake City, Marc got back into the barter game, this time focusing in two specific areas:  tourism and marketing.

TransMedia Barter now operates throughout the U.S and beyond and works with clients in every state.   Our associates (full & part-time) utilize our corporate office as a hub but operate from their own locations – providing travel and media planning as well as a myriad of other goods and services to our client base. TransMedia is currently one of the largest independent exchanges in North America but also work (non-competitively) with a variety of quality exchanges via IRTA/UC and NATE/BANC.

Although we do work with thousands of media outlets and hundreds of travel properties, nearly 40% of our client base remains outside of this industry.  Most join to access the aforementioned media and travel. Printers, restaurants, amusement park, services, and retailers now make up almost half our base, accessing specialized media planning and more. We utilize our sites and weekly (2-3 per week) eNEWSletters to promote clients to thousands of businesses in the barter world, providing a truly new sources of income to our base.

Clients have online access to accounting and more as well as specialty sites for media, travel, dining and more. For more information, please Contact Us and a TransMedia Associate will reach out within 1 business day.