Why Barter?

Every business owner or company executive essentially wants to achieve two things:
1. Decrease Expenses
2. Increase Profits
While that’s true, anyone who has operated a business knows it’s easier said than done.
TransMedia Barter provides a platform for you to barter the goods and services you already have for the goods and services you need — without spending cash!
Save your cash. Find new customers or clients. Your excess inventory or service capacity turns into TransMedia dollars. You can use those dollars with any other TransMedia member or choose to work with thousands of other companies through our affiliated networks. The possibilities are endless. Most members also receive a boost in business through referral of cash customers from other TransMedia members.
“I have been extremely impressed with the diligence, professionalism and integrity with which Marc Albano and his team have gone about handling our account. Our affiliation with TransMedia has resulted in significant new client business not only through trade, but through referrals of new cash customers. In addition, the staff at TransMedia has been very helpful in assisting us with obtaining goods and services that have resulted in a measurable reduction in our day-to-day operating expenses.”
                                                 – TransMedia Barter Member

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